LED T8 Voice sensor tube

LED T8 Voice sensor tube

1. Self designed and developed advanced constant current driver, which is safe, reliable and high power factor
2. Controlled by infrared sensor. It turns on when people is near; While turn off when people away.
3. Standby mode can be set to 30% brightness can also be set to zero in standby mode.
4. Sensing distance, time, sensitivity can be set according to your requirements.
5. infrared sensing principles of design, used in car parks, corridors and other energy saving places.
6. Special heat dissipation design and professional thermal management.
7. Good quality with CE ROHS PSE certificate.
8. Instant start, no warm up time required, no noise, no flickering, protect your eyes.
9. No need for starter and ballasts.
10.No UV or IR radiation, no RF interference no, lead & mercury, environment protection.
11. Anti-shock, anti-hit; No danger of broken glass.
12. High brightness and long life span, more than 50,000hours.
13. Energy saving lower power consumption 70% energy saving compare with fluorescence tube replacement
for the traditional fluorescent Tube.

This product is widely used in the office, conference room, training room, exhibition hall, supermarket,
hotel, restaurant,museum,living room, other lighting places.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: JO-VST600/JO-VST900/JO-VST1200
Brand Name: JOYOCEAN
Model No. Power Lenth Voltage Lumen Voice Intensity Delay time Valid distance Valid angle
JO-VST600 2W~9W 600MM AC85-265V 700-800LM more than 50DB 30S Optional 6M 90°~120°
JO-VST900 2.5W~12W 900MM AC85-265V 1000-1100LM more than 50DB 30S Optional 6M 90°~120°
JO-VST1200 3W~18W 1200MM AC85-265V 1400-1600LM more than 50DB 30S Optional 6M 90°~120°

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